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Book Review: My Leafs Sweater

‘My Leafs Sweater’ by Mike Leonetti and illustrated by Sean Thompson is the perfect children’s book for Toronto Maple Leafs fans. It’s about a young boy who is a Darryl Sittler fan and his love for hockey. 

If you’re a fan reading this book, you will understand the excitement that comes when watching your favourite player play a career milestone game. Also, you can relate to how you’ll stand with your team through thick or thin because you’re their ultimate fan. Reading this book reminded me of myself when I was a huge hockey fan in my childhood. I’m still a huge Maple Leafs fan now, but it’s hard to find time to sit down and watch every game of the season. 

When I was younger, I never missed a game on TV and even went to watch their pre-season games at the arena. I proudly wore my Toronto Maple Leafs sweaters (I had three – two official jerseys…one for my ultimate favourite hockey player Mats Sundin and the other for my ultimate favourite goalie Curtis Joseph). 

This book is beautifully illustrated. It was this children’s book that got me excited about drawing. 

Perfect for any Leafs fans.


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