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Tackling imposter syndrome

What is imposter syndrome?

It is the persistent inability to believe that your success is deserved or legitimate. You feel that your efforts or skills are not good enough and that what you have accomplished was purely by luck. 

On your self-publishing journey, let me assure you, there will be times when you experience this and it’s okay. Imposter syndrome attacks whenever you’re riding a high because its purpose is to put you down. However, it’s how you respond to imposter syndrome and changing your perspective toward the situation that can help you overcome this way of thinking.

The key to overcoming imposter syndrome is to not overthink. Technically, all cases of imposter syndrome go back to you doubting your success. Why doubt it? Even if you really were lucky, why would you think your success isn’t deserved? Would you say that you deserved winning the lottery even though it’s a game of chance? 

When things are going well, go with the flow. When things are going terribly, search around to find something to latch onto so you can get out as soon as possible. The key is your mindset. Don’t start doubting yourself. If someone can do it, then you can do it too. If nobody has done it, who says you can’t be the first one. There is something called world records for a reason. 

Battle imposter syndrome by doing the opposite. Don’t doubt but remind yourself that things don’t happen the same way for everyone. Just because you don’t fit the cookie cutter, doesn’t mean you don’t deserve the cookie. To accomplish things in life, you need to keep going even if you’re doubtful, even if you’re not skilled enough. It is that persistency and determination to never give up that make any apparent imposter become leaders in their craft.

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