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January 2021

Could you DIY format?

Self-publishing can be expensive, so can you DIY formatting? Some people use Microsoft Word templates, Vellum, or InDesign to format their books. It is possible to format your books yourself, but make sure to check your genre guidelines to ensure… Read More »Could you DIY format?

E-book or paperbacks?

Printed books are become obsolete, so if you’re tight on a budget, which version should you choose? Personally, I still like printed books because it’s something tangible you can hold in your hand and I still find it easier to… Read More »E-book or paperbacks?

How to publish on KDP

When it comes to self-publishing, many turn to Amazon KDP. But why?  Kindles are one of the most popular e-readers available across the world, so it only makes sense that publishing on Amazon KDP would give you a slight advantage… Read More »How to publish on KDP