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A look through my blurry world

Ah yes, glasses…the world seems all but a blur without them. But there are times I wished I didn’t need to view the world through lenses. 

I didn’t grow up wearing glasses. It wasn’t until my fourth year in university when I started to get headaches and needed to squint to read the blackboard. I had an inkling that I needed glasses, but didn’t want them. I thought it’ll just go away like a cold. My sister wore glasses since she was in Grade 3 or 4 and I remember her telling me how she despised them. They get foggy when you come inside on a cold day, when you play sports, they always seem to be in the way, and kids make fun of you. I really didn’t want glasses, but I wanted to be able to see properly again.

Eventually, I did get my eyes checked and yes, I needed glasses. Fortunately, when I’m working on the computer, I can see just fine, so I technically didn’t need to wear them all the time. But, I had to face the world wearing glasses or see the world as a blur. After a few months, I gotten used to wearing glasses and realized it’s not so bad. Yes, I still had to deal with fog and sports became a hassle with a pair of glasses, but I realized that these glasses became a part of my identity and I couldn’t do without it.

I know what many of you are thinking. Just wear contacts. Problem solved and I can go back to living my world without having to wear the specs. Unfortunately, I learned that I actually have a slight tear at the back of my retina, so wearing contacts is not an option. 

Perhaps one day, if my tear continues to grow, I will become blind. But, I don’t want to think of it that pessimistically. I’m going to enjoy what I see, take in the scenery and sights, even if it means I’m viewing my world through a pair of glasses. And if that day ever does come, I’ll remind myself of all the things I’ve seen throughout my life and be satisfied that I made the most of my life when I had a chance to see the world.

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